First Attempts at Drawing

One of the reasons I bought an iPad was to read digital comics. Now, a year later I not only like reading them but appreciate the art of drawing so much that I started drawing myself. To be absolutely clear, other than art classes at school – which were of no interest to me and are long gone now – I have no experience whatsoever. So I started searching on the internet for resources on how to start. I found something on the iBook Store which in turn led me to a series of Youtube videos by Stan Lee and John Buscema on how to draw comics – The Marvel Way! These videos are so unbelievably old, they’re talking about pausing the tape in order to draw what was just discussed and shown! So I did as I was told and here are the results.

Images are taken with my iPhone (not scanned) from the note-book I was drawing into. Nothing digital here.

First up is geometric shapes and perspective:





This one is actually pretty cool
Until now these were all images taken from the Youtube videos. On the first few you can see that I have some problems finding the right proportion. Also the viewing angle looks kinda fishy. For the first time drawing in (many) years I’d still say it looks quite nice.
Next I wanted to try something on my own so I dicided to draw my living room. I took a picture with my iPad, put it beside the note-book and started to draw. I have taken three images to show how the image evolved. Again, looks kinda fishy but I really like it!




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