From Primitive to Styled Object

I haven’t done much drawing the last week as I was more busy reading the second book of The First Law. However, I still managed to produce some images.

The main goal was to see how the main three primitives, sphere, cube and cylinder are the base of basically every object one can imagine.

Btw: I acquired myself a copy of How to Draw Comics – The Marvel Way so it is easier to absorb all the information (and even some more) that is conveyed in the video I wrote about in the first post. All the images are taken from this book, i.e. all you can see here is my skill drawing images conceived by other people.
This is the first example that is made of more than just one primitive. A nice revolver. I really like the outcome.



The car examples show my lack of feeling for 3-dimensional proportions. It definetly took some attempts to get it right. Sill, I highly doubt the next car will look good right from the start. I’ll just refrain from drawing them…



Next up is a plane. The second image already gives a sneak-peek at the highlight of this post. First the plane though.


Ready for something cool? This dude is supposed to be Dare Devil. He doesn’t look as mean as he should but the outcome is good nevertheless. At first there’s the skeleton made of cubes (the torso and hip), cylinders (extremities) and a sphere (the head; this could also be constructed from a cylinder).

This tin-man alone looked pretty nice. After working out all the human features around the tin-man and erasing the lines of the skeleton this is the result.

This is where the book’s demonstration stops at this point but I added some shading (as with the gun) to beef it up a bit. See for yourself.

Stay tuned for more!

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