Grails i18n in Regular Classes

The Grails web development framework is a very powerful tool for quickly creating web applications ranging from simple to enterprise ready. For that, it probably provides everything a developer ever needs. And if it’s not delivered by Grails itself there are many useful plugins and tons of existing Java libraries (including the JDK, of course, the underlying SpringSource Framework and the GDK).

However, there is one thing I have stumbled across several times now and a quick search on the internet shows that I’m not alone with this problem: how can I use the internationalization features from a regular Java or Groovy class?Read More »

Project HTPC: Experiences

At the beginning of this year I set out to build myself a HTPC to satisfy my newly emerged want for games and also serve as media playback machine, i.e. Blu Ray, DVD and everything I have on iTunes. Accompanying the PC (yes, it was a PC not a Mac) was a Samsung 40″ TV. Following are my – then anounced and long-in-the-waiting – experiences using this combo for gaming and watching movies – and even reading comics.

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