Spring Boot Externalized Config on Command Line

Spring Boot applications do not always have to serve as a web service located on the Internet. You can also use Spring Boot (or Spring without the Boot) for a command-line utility. I was recently faced with this task, and one requirement for the tool was to support setting a profile-specific configuration on the command line. This isn’t earth-shattering per se since that is a regular Spring feature. The goal was to provide a profile-specific configuration file on the command line that is not bundled in the application.

Imagine developing a Cloud service and running different environments for the different phases of your project – one for development tests, a staging environment, and, finally, the production environment. Connecting to the different environments may require secrets you do not want to be bundled in the application – and, thus, the source tree.

Now, you could roll your own configuration file reader. But wouldn’t it be nice to make full support of Spring’s @Value annotation or @ConfigurationProperties classes?

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My Year in Video Gaming 2021

2021 has been a challenging year, for obvious reasons, but also in other personal aspects that are not part of this little essay. Despite all the trials and tribulations, I have probably never played so many games in just one year – some of them in Coop and others all on my lonesome. Many of them I finished, others I, or we, aborted. But not only that, I have also managed to transition from PC gaming to console gaming – a long-held goal of mine.

As always, I am pretty late to the party because I have trouble motivating myself to write stuff, despite having the ideas and mentally developing concepts for them. Much thinking, few doing. One of my 2021 issues.

(I am surprised I managed to get this huge Halo Infinite review out the door.)Here is how this will go. I am starting with a story about why I replaced my gaming PC with consoles and a laptop. Then I transition into my experience with said consoles, and I conclude this gaming year review with the list of games I have played in lonely-mode or Coop. Don’t worry. I didn’t go Halo Infinite on every game. I kept it short-ish because the list is astonishingly long.

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