The Codeslinger is a site by programmers and technology enthusiasts rambling on about code, media, technology, computers, games and whatever comes to mind. It’s mainly about things that are associated with the society group labeled “Nerds”.

The name is inspired by Stephen King’s amazing series of novels telling the tale of Roland of Deschain on his quest for the Dark Tower. The first novel in this 8-book series is called The Gunslinger and later in his books, Stephen King refers to himself as the wordslinger. Codeslinger builds on this idea, only in the context of a programmer rather than a book author.

This site will host a lot of content that could previously be found on Blogger as typical nerd. Over time however, this name has been associated with gaming more than anything else, especially on YouTube. I’d like to go back to the roots and The Codeslinger is the result of that. So don’t be surprised if you accidentally run across something here that you’ve maybe already seen on the Blogger site.

There will be gaming content, as mentioned in the first sentence, but it’ll be about special games, not every game out there. You will also find How To articles, small finds, opinions, troubleshooting articles, reviews on anything from hardware to music to moving pictures. Whatever tickles a codeslinger’s fancy.