The Effects of Burnout – Personal Report About Navigating a Crisis

If you are one of the few followers of my blog, then, first of all, thank you. Secondly, maybe you are wondering why I have not been writing about any programming topics lately, given the name of this blog. Perhaps you only started following recently and like the gaming content. Whatever your reason, my main focus has always been on software development topics of any kind, and this element has been lacking for quite some time.

Out of the 11 posts this year (at the time of writing), only five fall into the programming category. And if I’m being honest, I have spread two more extensive topics across those five blog posts to potentially get more clicks – although the separation also makes sense. Before I digress too much, the short version is this: I am actively neglecting the original premise of my blog, yet I still want to produce content. There is a reason, and despite that somewhat lighthearted title, it is a serious topic.

Note: Before I changed the title to what it is now, it was “Yo, CODE-Slinger! You Now a GAME-Slinger? No, I’m Having a Dance With Burnout“

Although this report is based on my personal experience with the subject, it is not about me. Nobody on the Internet is interested in me, and I am not delusional enough to think otherwise. Treat it as a biased case study that I sincerely hope can be a motivation for other people going through a similar thing. The light at the end of the tunnel can be an exit.

The following two sections elaborate a little on The Codeslinger origin story. If you are only interested in the meat, skip to “Dance With the Burnout”.

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Ergonomic Workplace / Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

Until a couple of months ago my main focus on buying input devices for computers was based on performance and price. I mean, in general that is how one goes about spending money, right? Check the spec sheet and see if it’s worth it. That’s how I always buy my things. I make up my mind that I need something and then I visit my preferred retailer websites and compare the prices. At my home desktop I am a bit more demanding than at work where I simply used (past tense) what came with the computer, but ergonomics never played a role. Boy has that changed.
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